Device Management

End-user devices are essential for productivity and represent a significant financial investment. Making sure your customers’ employees have the right devices and that they are consistently delivering the required functionality will elevate an IT supplier into an indispensable position.

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Customer benefits

  • Maximises device ROI

  • Cost efficient, scalable service
  • Frees in-house resource for specialist tasks

Our CITADEL practice delivers complete IT device management programmes, maximising utilisation across their lifecycle and creating the highest possible device ROI. CITADEL’s suite of services enables you to manage your customers’ end user devices, from initial planning and purchase, through to eventual disposal and all the stages in between.

CITADEL services cover all device forms, including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, as well as essential accessories, such as bags, keyboards and mice. Our agreement will cover the infrastructure, processes and resources required to manage and support every stage of the device lifecycle, together with associated SLAs.

Services are centred on our purpose-built, high volume facility in Dartford, which is operated in compliance with ISO27001 and meets the HMG Infosec standard.


All device forms and accessories

Complete infrastructure, processes and resources

Standalone or integrated services

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SLAs for all stages of the lifecycle

ISO27001 and HMG Infosec compliant

Ongoing evaluation of effectiveness and TCO

5i Device Management Services

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Cost effective acquisition of devices and accessories to meet customer requirements.

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Rapid, high scale preparation of devices to customer specifications

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Devices get to the right place, on time and are immediately ready to use.

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Ensuring the ongoing performance and availability of devices.

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Effective planning and implementation of device refresh or upgrade programmes.

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Securely manage the redeployment of used devices to new users.

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Professional, secure and compliant disposal of electronic waste.

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