Devices get to the right place, on time and are
immediately ready to use.

If there’s one thing that will frustrate your customers’ employees, it’s their devices not being delivered as promised. Any delay is also lost productivity for their business.

5i has a mature logistics capability, which ensures devices get to the right place, on time and that they are immediately ready to use.

Devices may be received by a specified customer staff member, who distributes them to users, or 5i can take care of this task. Our staff will ‘walk the floors’, delivering devices to staff at their desks. While meeting with users, we will help familiarise them with their device, as well as provide training, user manuals and support contacts.

Any devices and accessories we need to pick up and return to our facility are managed in much the same way, with careful planning, asset management and good communication throughout.


Technical features

  • Devices received and distributed by customer or by us
  • Training, user manuals and support contacts provided
  • CMDB updated to support communication
  • Collection of old devices professionally managed

Our customers combine our Deploy services with

the following 5i services

> Manage

Ensuring the ongoing performance and availability of devices.

> Refresh and upgrade

Effective planning and implementation of device refresh or upgrade programmes.

> Redeploy

Securely manage the redeployment of used devices to new users to extract all value.

5i helps partners broaden their proposition, generate additional revenue and increase customer loyalty through a wide range of IT managed services.

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