Cloud and Hosting

5i understands every business and organisation is fundamentally different. A one size fits-all cloud model can’t provide what your customers need.

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Customer benefits

  • Cloud strategy defined

  • Effective cloud control
  • Lowest possible TCO

5i can help you define the right cloud strategy for customers. Having assessed the workloads that are candidates for cloud provision, we can confidently recommend which blend of private and public cloud provision is right.

5i is not tied to any cloud delivery model and has access to all the services and solutions on the market. We provide ongoing orchestration of workload and cloud services, ensuring the right workload is in the right place, at the lowest possible TCO.


Professional cloud needs assessment

Clear strategic advice on cloud delivery

Access to cloud providers and technologies

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Ongoing workload orchestration

Mature service desk and support

Ongoing evaluation of effectiveness and TCO

5i Cloud and Hosting Services


One of the UK’s largest colocation providers, offering data centre space in over 100 locations.

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Control infrastructure and data, at the same time as gaining the major benefits of the cloud.

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Match your workloads to the right public cloud service for the lowest possible TCO. Find out how 5i public cloud solutions can benefit your business.

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Hybrid Cloud connecting dots on a data centre background

The right cloud strategy, implemented, orchestrated and supported for the lowest TCO.

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Workloads moved to cloud services as part of a defined cloud strategy.

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