Remote Monitoring

Monitoring your IT infrastructure 24/7 to maximise
service availability.

Continuous availability of the services provided by IT infrastructure is critical to your customers’ success. With today’s highly distributed IT environments, being able to manage issues before or as they happen, is a challenging and time-consuming task.

5i enables you to monitor your customer’s IT infrastructure 24/7 to rapidly identify issues, helping to minimise their impact and support continuity of service. Our advanced active monitoring capabilities can also identify issues as they develop but before they have an impact, enabling proactive management of IT performance.

5i’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) is staffed by a team of specialists who continuously monitor infrastructure right across your customers’ network, including their end-points and on-premise network devices. Using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) over site-to-site VPNs, the NOC monitors a range of network performance indicators regarding bandwidth, availability and capacity.

5i also monitors your customers’ server and client investments using a suite of advanced technologies to gain live performance reporting. Through this, we track a wide range of performance metrics, enabling us to spot when infrastructure is or might be about to fail.

Once our monitoring tools alert us to an issue or area of concern, a support ticket will be raised and prioritised within the agreed SLA and communicated to a technical resource for resolution. 5i fully integrated, 24/7 resource is skilled across the technology stack and able to resolve issues quickly and effectively on our customers’ behalf.


Technical features

  • SNMP over site-to-site VPN
  • Network, endpoints and network devices
  • Live performance reporting
  • Support tickets raised to SLA

Our customers combine our Remote Monitoring services with

the following 5i services

> System Management

Expert technical resource to provide comprehensive system management and rapid issue resolution

> Onsite Support

Skilled technical staff, embedded directly on customer sites.

> Field Services

A nationwide team of directly employed, highly skilled engineers providing on-site resolutions to complex technical challenges.

5i helps partners broaden their proposition, generate additional revenue and increase customer loyalty through a wide range of IT managed services.

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