Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning is
integral to every 5i service.

A fundamental aspect of any IT service is that it can be relied on. Minimising the risk of service failure and being able to manage outages effectively if they do occur is an essential part of IT provisioning.

Our services and operation are engineered to be intrinsically resilient. However, risk can rarely be eliminated. The probability and impact of failure in any service or solution we propose is always considered and a range of mitigating options included.

5i builds services to the highest quality standards, utilising industry best practice and best of breed technologies.  For example, within our network we use different connectivity providers with duplicated connections. Our support team is split over more than one location so that in the event of a site communication failure, another is always available to support customers.

When risk can’t be eliminated, we present a range of mitigating options. We’ll confirm the time it would take to bring a replicated version of a failed service into operation, as well as repair and reinstate the original. Much like buying an insurance policy, the advice we present helps you and your customers take an informed choice on which option to select.


Technical features

  • Different connectivity providers and duplicated connections
  • Split locations for service desk
  • Risk and consequences modelled
  • Failover and restore time advice

Our customers combine our Business Continuity services with

the following 5i services


Security specialists providing 24/7 oversight of IT systems to identify threats.


Transform vast quantities of disassociated data into actionable security insight.

> Endpoint Protection

Next generation endpoint protection able to stop threats even before they launch.

5i helps partners broaden their proposition, generate additional revenue and increase customer loyalty through a wide range of IT managed services.

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