DDoS Protection

High-performance, network-wide protection from DDoS attacks to
maintain service availability.

Businesses are moving more services to the cloud, making them highly dependent on network availability. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack can quickly overwhelm a network, taking services offline. The potential impact of such an outage will be immediate and potentially severe, as customers and other users will be locked out, potentially for a significant amount of time.

5i has deployed the A10 Networks Thunder TPS, into the fabric of our network. A10 TPS provides high-performance, network-wide protection from DDoS attacks, maintaining service availability against a variety of volumetric, protocol, resource, and other sophisticated application attacks.

5i’s carrier grade DDoS protection is designed to detect and alert suspicious activity in our network, as well as mitigate its impact. All 5i customers with equipment and services deployed ‘On-net’ automatically benefit from 24×7×365 DDoS monitoring and analysis.

High-speed detection and forensic analysis software analyses all 5i network traffic. When any system starts behaving unusually, 5i’s Network Operations Centre and the A10 TPS platform are alerted. The A10 TPS solution then mitigates the effects of DDoS attacks by automatically redirecting traffic.

The solution supports a huge set of features to validate, block or rate-limit the traffic entering our network. Service availability is maintained whatever attack type is employed, volumetric, protocol, resource or even application-level attacks. DDoS traffic is routed through the A10 TPS platform and ‘scrubbed’, to remove the malicious traffic. Clean traffic is then delivered, ensuring that your service is not impacted in any way.


Technical features

  • Multi-vector application and network protection
  • Entire 5i network monitored
  • Deep packet inspection for rapid response
  • Clean port and DDoS protected IP Transit options
  • Manages attacks in excess of 100Gbps
  • Capacity to add nodes as traffic increases

Our customers combine our DDoS Protection services with

the following 5i services

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Security specialists providing 24/7 oversight of IT systems to identify threats.


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