Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced network security analysis enabling remediation to be
focussed where it’s most impactful

It’s very difficult for organisations to understand the web of emerging threats and reconcile them to the points within large, complex IT infrastructures that they may target. Prioritising remediation to best utilise technical resource while minimising disruption depends on that knowledge being robust.

5i ATP enables you to provide your customers with advanced network security analysis, quickly and without relying on expensive specialist consultants and architects. Going well beyond the reporting needs of compliance, it focusses remediation efforts to where the most impact will be made.

5i’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solution delivers visualisation of IT infrastructure and its exposure to security risks. It determines the potential severity of the risks and suggests a prioritised list of remediation tactics that optimise utilisation of technical resources and minimise business disruption.

5i ATP utilises advanced and highly accurate network modelling, which is unique in its breadth and depth. It performs continual, scan-less vulnerability detection through inference, taking existing vulnerability information and establishing relevance through the context of the network, assets and the associated risk exposure.

Given basic change information, 5i ATP automatically derives objects that need creating and devices that need touching by an engineer, removing much of the hassle out of change research and risk assessments.

By providing a consolidated list of approved and pending changes, and automatically reconciling them by analysing the before/after device configuration, it enables administrators and engineers to spend less time managing tickets and more time making required changes.


Technical features

  • Continual scan-less vulnerability detection
  • Automatically derives objects to be created
  • Establishing relevancy through network context
  • Highly accurate network modelling
  • Consolidated list of approved and pending changes
  • Automatic reconciliation by analysing before/after configuration

Our customers combine our Advanced Threat Protection services with

the following 5i services


Security specialists providing 24/7 oversight of IT systems to identify threats.


Transform vast quantities of disassociated data into actionable security insight.

> Endpoint Protection

Next generation endpoint protection able to stop threats even before they launch.

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