Endpoint Protection

Next generation endpoint protection able to stop
threats even before they launch.

Many organisations have invested in big-name endpoint security, only to find them lacking when a major new attack is launched. 5i enables you to deliver the best in the next generation of endpoint protection, a solution that’s able to stop known and new threats even before they launch.

In addition to providing an integrated suite of industry leading anti-virus, firewall, Host Intrusion and Prevention, and Advanced Persistent Threat protection, our solution puts forensics and behavioural analytics on the endpoint.

The solution monitors the endpoint’s status and analyses behaviour in real time to provide astonishingly sophisticated reports, as well as machine-speed, automated risk mitigation and remediation.

Our endpoint security solution covers all devices, including mobile phones, and is licenced on a cost-competitive, highly scalable, per device basis. It can be brought to stand-alone or as a component within a broader security management and device management solution.


Technical features

  • Anti-virus, firewall, HIDS/HIP and APT protection
  • Machine-speed automated risk mitigation and remediation
  • Licenced on a cost-competitive, per device basis
  • Covers all endpoints, including mobile phones

Our customers combine our Endpoint Protection services with

the following 5i services


Security specialists providing 24/7 oversight of IT systems to identify threats.


Transform vast quantities of disassociated data into actionable security insight.

> Advanced threat protection

Advanced network security analysis enabling remediation to be focussed where it’s most impactful

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