Ensuring the ongoing performance and
availability of devices.

Devices are only creating return on investment when they are working at full efficiency and delivering the service your customers’ employees need to carry out their roles.

5i can manage the ongoing performance and availability of customer devices on your behalf. Everything required to resolve any device issue, from the moment its identified through to resolution is unified under a single provider.

Our support team is UK-based, highly skilled and has proven its abilities on numerous occasions. All our support staff are trained to the highest level and work to ITIL standards. The whole team is integrated, working together to rapidly resolve even the most complex device support requirements.

Once a support request is relayed to our service desk, the issue will be investigated and either resolved immediately or passed straight to the most appropriate resource. Where issues need to be resolved on-site, we’ll deploy the most suitably qualified of our field engineers.

Through 5i, everything involved in managing devices is achievable. Our team can also take responsibility for scheduled maintenance tasks and change-management programmes, for example making sure patching is up to date, as well as software asset management services.


Technical features

  • Staff trained to ITIL standard
  • Large field engineering team
  • Scheduled maintenance and change management
  • Integrated support team to manage all issues

Our customers combine our Manage services with

the following 5i services

> Redeploy

Matching your workloads to the right public cloud service for the lowest possible TCO.

> Refresh and upgrade

The right cloud strategy, implemented, orchestrated and supported for the lowest TCO.

> Retire

Helping you develop the right strategy before committing to cloud services and making the move.

5i helps partners broaden their proposition, generate additional revenue and increase customer loyalty through a wide range of IT managed services.

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